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Webmart advertisements (for Rare and Minority breeds of livestock only) may be placed by members of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society and will be displayed for three months (let the Webmaster know if you want your advertisement removed before then). Length is generally limited to a maximum of 60 words. Advertisements will be displayed in the order they are received (most recent on top).   The best way to find a particular breed on this page is to use your browser's 'Find' facility – usually Ctrl+F – see also Viewing Hints

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Caveat emptor: The Rare Breeds Conservation Society advises that it is unable to check the quality of stock bought or sold through Webmart and recommends that buyers check any stock themselves before buying.


BUY: Breeding pair of Sebastopol geese. Or would take two males two females if no breeding pair are available. Good home assured.   skiltondiarygoats (at) or phone (06) 857 7267 central Hawkes Bay     [24.9.2017]

BUY: Wanting a male Turkey, borrow or buy. Have three lonely Turkey hens. Wanting also a pair of Carolina Wood ducks, have enclosure ready.   Jos – Gotlandinotago (at)     [21.9.2017]

SELL: Pure bred Red Devon steers for sale. Seven months old, still on their mothers, soon to be weaned. Available now. Beautiful fat and fluffy boys!   helenabarrio (at)     [11.9.2017]

SELL: Large Black pigs for sale. Raised on organic pasture and milk, sold for breeding, pigs are porker size. Boars and sow available.   taiamaicorker (at)     [9.9.2017]

BUY: I am looking for a female Appleyard duck as I have a Silver Appleyard drake and and I would love to find him a mate.   Ashleigh Probert, ashandzoo (at)     [6.9.2017]

BUY: I want buy a pair of Geese as pets for my kids.   chinza (at)     [5.9.2017]

SELL: Organic in-calf Dexter cattle for sale plus young bull, the sire of the the calves is from Brambledel Redberry Prince.   taiamaicorker (at)     [29.8.2017]


SELL: Berkshire pigs for sale at Clevedon South Auckland. Wonderful stock to handle. Ten month old gilts. Three year old boar. In pig sow, second litter due mid October. To go to kind free range homes with shelter.   Contact Cindy McGregor mcpeelkeep (at)     [26.8.2017]

SELL: Arapawa buck, 16 months old, black and white mainly. Proven sire. Gentle nature and well socialised. Registered with NZAGA. North Canterbury.   Please email Lynne, rakahuri(at) for more info including breeding lines and pics.     [26.8.2017]

BUY: I wish to buy a White Peacock or Peacock eggs.   joymckenzie (at)     [21.8.2017]

BUY: Blue Orpington pullets and Barnevelder pullets.   delarue (at)     [12.8.2017]

SELL: Magnificent full blood registered Purebred Highland Bull, 4 years old. Throws white, red and gold calves. Reluctant sale but have several heifers we want to keep so need new blood lines.   Phone Gail at Stoney Oaks (06) 756 7624     [3.8.2017]

BUY: Does anyone have a Belted Galloway heifer calf born soon?   millieroseadams (at)     [1.8.2017]

SELL: Auckland Island pigs, various ages.   simon (at)     [30.7.2017]

SELL: Arapawa goats for sale. A breeding pair: entire buck and doe. Also doelings and bucklings ready beginning Oct. Approved home only.   alison (at)     [26.7.2017]

BUY: Highland heifer calf. Based around Canterbury area, contact millieroseadams (at)     [25.7.2017]

BUY: Pilgrim goslings or White Swan cygnets. Willing to pay top dollar!!   Please email me at juliaryan586 (at)     [24.7.2017]

SELL: Beefalo bull. Purebred, by US imported semen of Gold Force. Polled. Dam is a purebred too. DOB 18.11.2015 unassisted. 3/8 Bison and 5/8 Bovine, including Hereford and Charolais. The guy is the real deal. Beefalo are a recognized composite breed. Located midway Hamilton and Morrinsville. I can graze until October by negotiation. $2800 incl gst.   Call Don (027) 495 0535     [22.7.2017]

SWAP: Enderby Island cattle – the rarest cattle in the world. Will look at trading for what have you. I would prefer to trade than send them to the works. Help a good cause.   Phone (03) 325 2475, (027) 436 1463 or e-mail julian.twiss (at)     [20.7.2017]

SWAP: Waipu Angora goats – very friendly small goats with lovely fleeces, will trade for steers/sheep/alpacas/llamas/pigs etc. Any breeds considered.   Phone (03) 325 2475, (027) 436 1463 or e-mail julian.twiss (at)     [20.7.2017]

SELL: Saanen doelings. Well grown lovely goats. The mothers are excellent milkers. Falcon Crest and Heathden lines. Registered. Lead and tie. Quiet and friendly. $150 each Approved home only.   skiltondairygosts (at)     [19.7.2017]

SELL: Guinea Fowl keets. Well grown free range kids. Helensville area.   Phone (09) 420 8383     [11.7.2017]

BUY: Silver penciled partridge Pekin bantam hens. I have beautiful roosters so could swap or pay.   Jill Nicholls, Kaiwaka, Northland. (027) 237 8025     [9.7.2017]

BUY: Cape Barren geese, male and female wanted. Will pay top dollar.   Phone (03) 202 5678     [9.7.2017]

SELL: White Galloway heifers, registered. One well marked White and the other one is Standard Black. Born October 2016.     [7.7.2017]

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