55 Hussey Road, Christchurch

Saving our endangered domestic livestock and wildlife

Rare Breed Livestock

Willowbank farmyard

Just 15 minutes from central Christchurch, you'll find a world of fascination and knowledge. Willowbank is your opportunity to experience New Zealand wildlife first hand. Be a part of our unique native wildlife, make friends with our farm animals and see how introduced pests have influenced our biodiversity. Your trip to New Zealand will not be complete without seeing Willowbank and nature at its finest.  See some of the country's rare and endangered livestock breeds in the “Farmyard” section of the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.

Rare livestock breeds at Willowbank include the Auckland Islands pig, Kunekune pig, Arapawa sheep, Campbell Island sheep, Clarence Reserve sheep, Hokonui sheep, Karakul sheep, Pitt Island sheep, Arapawa goat, Nubian goat, Miniature donkey, English donkey, Highland cattle, Dexter cattle, Miniature horse, Clydesdale horse, Llama, Enderby Island rabbit, Appleyard duck, Carolina duck, Cayuga duck, Mandarin duck, Pekin duck, Barred Rock fowl, Brown Leghorn fowl, Game fowl, Hamburgh fowl, Orpington fowl, Polish fowl, Silkie fowl, Cape Barren goose, Chinese goose, Sabastapol goose.

Logo of the NZ Conservation Trust  

Based at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, the New Zealand Conservation Trust is a charitable body that works hard to help preserve New Zealand's rare and endangered livestock and native wildlife.   The Trust has three areas it concentrates on:
our Rare Livestock

New Zealand has many breeds of introduced domestic animals that are now very rare world wide.   Working to breed and popularize these is an important conservation role.   Many of these breeds an be seen at Willowbank.
Preserving our
Native Wildlife

At Willowbank, the New Zealand Conservation Trust operates one of the country's most successful captive breeding programs for the highly endangered Kiwis, and is working to become more involved in natural habitat development.

the Public
Our future generations need to know the importance of maintaining our fauna and flora.  The New Zealand Conservation Trust realizes that education and awareness is a large contributor towards the future survival of our natural heritage.
By joining the Trust You can help save our natural heritage.

All enquiries to: Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, 60 Hussey Road, Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 359 6226    Fax: +64 3 359 6212    Email: info@willowbank.co.nz

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