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SELL: Wild Mohaka sheep, 8 hoggets and 8 in-lamb ewes. Located Northern Hawke's Bay. Offers.  Phone (06) 838 6249 or email petidnz (at)

BUY: Purebred Bantam Wyandotte rooster, either Partridge or White. Would prefer not to have to ship around country, we are located in Canterbury.   Please contact me via Txt (021) 905 264 or Email hughelizaallison (at)

BUY: Wanting to buy Orpington and Gold Laced Wyandotte chicks. Less than one week old please. Auckland area.   shaylaunder (at)

BUY: I would like to purchase Plymouth or Barred Rock chooks for my property just outside Taupo. If anybody can help me I would be very grateful.   Rick Nicholls, phone (021) 780 932, rick.jnicholls (at)

BUY: Chinese geese wanted. Anything considered.   (06) 762 7992 or avonstourisland (at)

BUY: Sebastopol geese... anything considered.   (06) 762 7992 or avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Section A English gelding. Available at weaning currently 6 months old. Soon to be registered (lack of microchips due to Covid) Very handsome dark brown foal with nice manners. Should do well in the show ring. Contact Donnbrae Stud, Phone (021) 0224 4407 or email info (at)

SELL: Registered Section A English jenny. Brown 2 years old. Very friendly donkey. Good to lead and to do her hooves. We are located near Invercargill.   Contact Ann on (021) 0224 4407 or email info (at)

BUY: Dorper sheep for small farm area in Waikato. No need to be good breeding stock, just pets.   raysue (at)   Phone (021) 252 7984

BUY: I am wanting to buy 3 ready to lay poults or close to laying. Perfered buff Orpington, barred Rock and white Rock.  pat (at)

SELL: Ducks – Appleyard. Drakes especially good for pond decoration as look like mallards. Ducks $10, drakes $5. Hawks Bay, Waipukurau. Anita.gus (at) (lower case)

SELL: Campbell Island sheep, five older ewes available of this very rare breed at $150 each.   Enquiries to canterbury (at)

SELL: Horned Wiltshire ram Lambs. Every year we keep some of the best ram lambs, to sell on as breeders. We have four this year, and they will be suitable to breed from next season. They come from full shedding parents. Please contact for pictures or viewing.   ajhacket (at)

SELL: Young Arapawa pigs for sale (about nine months old). These are of one of the rarest breeds of pigs and we would like them to go to someone interested in helping to keep the breed from dying out.   Enquiries to canterbury (at)

SELL: Stewart Island trio. Handsome adult ram, one mature ewe and one ewe hogget. Good start to breeding a flock of these interesting sheep. Will only be sold to someone who will keep the breed pure and work with other breeders to increase numbers. Situated in Canterbury.   Jimari (at)

BUY: Heritage heavy breed fertile eggs – around a dozen. Can collect within Otago (am based in Dunedin) or happy to pay for postage.   stacey (at)

BUY: Indian Game bantam trio wanted, prefer show quality, and in the South Island.   eionwestgarth18 (at)

BUY: Wanted to buy English Sussex point of lay pullets or close to.   coastroadco (at)

BUY: Looking to purchase in the Rangiora/Christchurch area a Gotland Pelt ram less than a year old please.   Phone Katherine (03) 310 3039

SELL: Swedish Gotland Pelt and Finnish Landrace sheep. Advertised on Trade Me., Hikurangi. (at)

SELL: Pure bred Arapawa ewe lambs, born late 2019 and looking good. Eastern Bay of Plenty.   yvonne_blanch (at)   Ph: (027) 659 0960

SELL: Gotland sheep – ewes, ewe lambs, and a ram for sale. Rangiora.   (03) 310 7917

FREE: Angora goat, male, 6 years old, free to good home. Location: Dargaville.   Email: louflight123 (at)

SELL: Texas Longhorn 4 year old cow for sale. Very friendly as has been raised on farm park.   vickypattinson0 (at)

SELL: Khaki Campbell drakes, four available, $25 each.   calvin (at) (021) 0240 4869 West Melton area for viewing and collection.

SELL: Polled, good shedding Wiltshire flock, seven ewes available of various ages, also three ewe lambs and two ram lambs from this season.   calvin (at) (021) 0240 4869 West Melton area for viewing and collection.

SELL: Two house cows, in milk now and been running with full blood Highland bull ready for next season, currently milked once a day by machine producing 10 litres plus each.   calvin (at) (021) 0240 4869 West Melton area for viewing and collection.

SELL: Young Finnish Landrace ram. Located in Masterton.   bill.shona.harris (at)

SELL: A nice friendly Gotland ram for sale in Masterton.   bill.shona.harris (at)

SELL: Wiltshire Horn ram 5 years old and 6 month old ram lamb. Both full shedding. Hawkes Bay.   Contact (021) 067 9384 or markferrick1 (at)

SELL: Khaki Campbell ducks (top laying strain) and Pekin ducks (top meat breed strain) from $25.   Phone Phil on (027) 299 3323 Temuka, but can deliver to Christchurch.

SELL: Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, White Plymouth Rock, Buff Plymouth Rock and more heavy breeds, pullets and hens, from $15. All standardbred for excellent laying abilities.   Phone Phil on (027) 299 3323 Temuka, but can deliver to Christchurch.

SELL: Herbert ewes – two mixed age, two two-tooths and six ewe lambs available. All white.   cameron.leslie (at),   (021) 029 13005. In Dunedin.

SELL: Large Black boars. One year old. Purebred. $200 each. Auckland.   bradlyrd (at)   (021) 568 889

BUY: Cape Barren geese. Located in Invercargill.   jessey.beattie-mackey (at)

SELL: Swedish Ducks. Purebred. Blue and black drakes and ducks. Some very nicely marked bibs and white primary feathers. Range in age from 2 months to 2 years.   Email naomigeorgi (at)   Lower North Island.

SELL: Gotland ewe lambs available, 4 months old (born mid-September). Friendly lambs with nice fleece from a silver ram. $120 each. Pick up Christchurch.   Email Sally: sewren (at)

SELL: Pitt Island black rams and Pitt Island white rams for sale. Ideal for breeding. Waitakere, West Auckland.   (021) 783 993. andrewdronjak (at)

SELL: Four Black Australorp roosters – hand reared 14 weeks old at 16/1/2020, location Whangarei.   carolelauren (at)

SELL: Arapawa goat kids. Born 16th August and 17th August 2019. Two billies $80 each, and two nannies $250 each. These come from excellent bloodlines. Phone: (03) 359 6226 or email: lisa (at)   Christchurch.

BUY: Orpington laying hens. Based just out of Napier. I'm really keen on this bird. Looks great. Please can you get in touch if you have any within reasonable distance of Napier.   j.ebbett (at)

SELL: Arapawa ram lambs for sale. Growing well and could possibly work this season. I do have some of last year's lambs also. Some spotted and some solid black with white blaze. Large spotted ram also.   Contact Elaine (03) 325 4116 or email warwickzfarm (at)   Pick up Dunsandel (Canterbury).

SELL: Mohaka sheep, small flock. Ewes $140, rams $200. Easy care sheep located in Clinton.   Phone (027) 450 4798, Email Peter_Cooper (at)

BUY: Shetland sheep, breeding pairs. Hawkes Bay.   (027) 263 3735

BUY: Indian Runner or Cayuga Duck fertile hatching eggs.   hannah (at)

BUY: Wanted: ewes/ewe lambs of the Damara or Wiltshire breeds. We're new to sheep and currently have 4 Arapawa ewes, 1 ram and 4 ram/wether lambs. Two are having to be bottle fed and one ewe will need to go through having mastitis. We're hoping to cross a Damara or Wiltshire with our Arapawa ram. Nelson/Tasman region. aserenedawn (at) Helpful advice welcome. Thanks, Serena.

SELL: Wiltshire ram lambs, 4 available at weaning in December, $150 each.   calvin (at), (021) 0240 4869, West Melton Area.

SELL: Full blood Highland bull calf, Murray of Glenrosa, can be registered with NZHCS at one year old, DoB 23/9/2019, ready to go at 6 months old, reserve now, $960.   calvin (at), (021) 0240 4869, West Melton Area.

BUY: Fertile Silky eggs or Araucana eggs x 3.   terryneloney (at)

SELL: CSIRO (Australia) is auctioning an historic collection of bull semen from mainly Bos indicus and ‘tropical composite’ cattle breeds, collected in the 1980s and 90s. On-line auction 27-29 November. See details and catalogue at Auctions Plus.

BUY: Wanting a young Indian Peahen for a mate for my boy.   fee_lishish (at), Taupo, NZ

SELL: New book by Michael Willis. See Rescue – One New Zealander's crusade to save endangered animals.

SELL: We have one very calm Finnish Landrace ram ready for a new home. Born Late January 2019.   bill.shona.harris (at)

FREE: Small female goat. Unsure of age, appeared in our flock 4 months ago. Has facial markings of an Arapawa goat. Free to good home.   info (at)   Manawatu.

SELL: Castrated male Llamas – two lovely friendly halter trained (handing not trek trained) available. 2.5 years old, grew up together, would be ideal for packing, $900 each   Hillview.vet87 (at), Hamilton.

SELL: Guanaco and Guanaco cross – Stud male pure breed Guanaco (~$3,000) and two Llama/Guanaco females ($1500-2000). Fine fibre, partial to full shedding with a brush out. Halter trained.   Hillview.vet87 (at), Hamilton.

BUY: We are looking for two Drysdale stud rams. We are located in Rotorua, we don't mind if they are far away, we will get get them.   Please contact Scott on (021) 341 782 .

SELL: Damara ram lambs for sale. From registered stock. Available Nov/Dec 2019. Matangi, Waikato. Please email for more details. (at)


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