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Caveat emptor: The Rare Breeds Conservation Society advises that it is unable to check the quality of stock bought or sold through Webmart and recommends that buyers check any stock themselves before buying.


SELL: Arapawa Island lambs, will be available on weaning. All stock is registered. Some ewes also available with lambs at foot. Dunedin area.   Contact Sarah, (021) 182 2088, howlingheights (at)

BUY: Looking to buy the Babydoll Southdown sheep breed. Female and male lambs. Want to begin my own breeding stock with this breed.   Contact Katrena on (022) 429 4288 or email:mulitibizniz (at)   (#TaranakiWahineBreeder)

BUY: I have a Ayam Cemani hen...looking for rooster.   don_ws (at)

SELL: Wiltshire orphan lambs from fully shedding flock, ewes $60, rams $50.   sim.nugget (at)

BUY: Looking to buy a breeding pair of Peacocks. Tauranga.   stephan.roessner (at)

SELL: Wessex Saddleback weaner sows. Could be registered and well bred. We have been breeding Saddleback for over 30 years and helped saving this breed in NZ. These out of a long line of show winners. $150 each. Don't miss this chance. Please contact Avonstour Island via Facebook, phone (06) 762 7992 or email avonstourisland (at)

BUY: Wanting to purchase fertile Pheasant and Peahen eggs to hatch with my daughters. Got a big section and have a few wild pheasants wandering around.   Please TEXT me on (021) 618 034 or email kenandebbacurrie (at) Thanks heaps :)

SELL: Gelbvieh yearling heifers for sale.   lawrenson (at)

SELL: Wessex Saddleback weaners. Well bred and will grow into great pork and bacon. $100 each. Located at Avonstour Island, 20 minutes east of Stratford, Taranaki.   Phone (06) 762 7992. e-mail avonstourisland (at) or Facebook Avonstour Island

SELL: Canterbury Blue weaners. Both sexes. $100 each. Located at Avonstour Island, 20 minutes east of Stratford, Taranaki.   Phone (06) 762 7992. e-mail avonstourisland (at) or Facebook Avonstour Island

BUY: I would love to have some Peacocks on my beautiful farm in Kerikeri.   kristan0001 (at)

SELL: Luing semen For sale. Crusader Utopia 228 (14 Straws). Lochend Red Top 58p (12 Straws).   mail (at)

BUY: Pure breed Cayuga ducks. Would like 2 females and a 2 males.   Email Elaine in Dunsandel, warwickzfarm (at)

SELL: Kunekune weaner sow. Spotted, tri-coloured, with tassels from registered parents. 2 months old. $120. Located at Avonstour Island, 20 minutes east of Stratford, Taranaki.   Please e-mail avonstourisland (at) or phone (06) 762 7992 .

SELL: Two Canterbury Blue weaner boars available. Well bred and will eat anything. Help to save this very interesting breed. $100 each and ready to go now at 7 weeks old. Located at Avonstour Island, 20 minutes east of Stratford, Taranaki.   Please e-mail avonstourisland (at) or phone (06) 762 7992 .

SELL: One year old Damara ram. Not hand reared so no behavioural issues with this animal. Near Whatawhata in the Waikato. $150.   (027) 272 7010

SELL: Toggenburg kids for sale, located in the Manawatu. To be born mid April. Great for pets and milking. Please order before they are born, thanks.   donnasdale (at)

SELL: Black Dexter bull calf. Just over three months old. Well bred out of a high-producing cow and by our beautiful bull Aka. $325. Located at Avonstour Island, 20 minutes east of Stratford, Taranaki.   E-mail avonstourisland (at) or phone (06) 762 7992

SELL: Standard Black Galloways, very rare in NZ. Purebred but not registered. I need to downsize but don't want to cull these animals. Take your pick, all ages/sex available. Very easy care cattle, ideal rough country animals. 5 in 1 vaccinated. View on 'Moorland Galloways' Facebook page. I'm in Galatea, BoP.   Phone Nick (027) 355 2355

BUY: I am looking to buy some Katahdin sheep in or near the Waikato. 3-4 ewes and a ram to breed for milking.   jamie.e.armstrong (at)

SELL: Rare Danish White Red deer rising yearlings.   Phone Gail (06) 756 7624 (evenings are best).

SELL: Two White Galloway steer calves for sale. Approx 14 months old. One miniature at about 36 inches high. One mid size at about 38 inches high. West Melton. $500.00 each. For further information text (027 273 8500

SELL: Gotland ewes, 2-6 years. Purebred in lamb, but not to Gotland, lambs make good eating. Good condition and friendly. $140-120. West Melton, Christchurch.   (021) 157 6367   Suzanne (at)

SELL: Kunekune piglets. Ready now. Born March 2021. Female and male. Good markings. $60.00 each. Tai Tapu, Christchurch.   (021) 119 8866 or info (at)

SELL: Toggenburg doe. Mother of doe [registered] can also be for sale if two are wanted. Have been put to A grade Toggenburg buck. Offers.   donnasdale (at)

SELL: Rogan proven Toggenburg buck, $150.   calvin (at), (021) 0240 4869.   Pickup West Melton.

SELL: Eadon Seaton NZ8502 – Full Blood, Registered with NZHCS, proven Highland bull, $2290. Free delivery in Christchurch area.   calvin (at)   (021) 0240 4869

SELL: Pure Berkshire weaners ready for new homes on 28th June at 8 weeks old. Girls $170 each, boys $150 each.   calvin (at)   (021) 0240 4869

SELL: If you are looking for fluffy, cute, easy care and friendly small block pets, visit our webpage to find out more about Valais Blacknose sheep, the undoubtedly cutest sheep in the world!   nathan (at)

SELL: Arapawa goat kids   Christchurch. One registered female (#522 Donkey House Daisy – born 9th November 2020); one registered buckling (#523 Donkey House Max – born 10th December 2020); two wethered boys also available.   Email Sally – sewren (at) for more info.

BUY: Frizzle Chickens wanted.   sonja.a.knoll (at)

SELL: Breeding group of Black Plymouth Rocks in Canterbury. Fantastic layers, beautiful birds. If you want something no-one else has – these are for you!   Phone (027) 299 3323, email philiphatley (at)

SELL: Two Sussex cows. $1800. Must go together. Buyer must arrange collection. I will NATE test. One is 8 and the other 5. Beautiful girls, the older one is super friendly. Based in Kaikoura. Mum and daughter.   dickiqova (at)

SELL: Appleyard and Peking ducks for sale. Ducks $10, drakes $5, delivery possible in Hawke's Bay. Seller located in Waipukurau.   Phone (06) 211 8788, email anita.gus (at)

BUY: Wanted Columbian Wyandotte bantam cockerel or rooster. Located in Oxford.   pricerichard61 (at)

SELL: Two Pitt Island rams, Mandeville, Canterbury. One 2-tooth, the other older.   Phone Tony on (021) 296 9175 for more info.

SHOW: Visit Galloway stand at Oxford A&P show, 28 Bay Road, Oxford, on Easter Saturday 3 April 2021. Find out all about this rare and now popular breed. Also if interested inquire from the staff on the stand re herd tour visiting Galloway herds in Canterbury area next day Sunday 4th.

BUY: Mute Swans wanted. Prefer a breeding pair.   mulqueentony (at)

SELL: Cayuga ducks and drakes – 3 months old. Ducks $40, drakes $30. Central Hawkes Bay.   Contact freedomlivethedream (at)


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