Polish Bantams

A Rare Breed of Debateable Origin

Polish cockerel
Large White Crested Black Polish cockerel.

Despite its name the Polish may not have originated from Poland – it is more likely that it originated from France, the home of the Crèvecœur which is a very similar looking breed.

Polish are a light breed and come in both large fowl and bantam size. They probably are the sweetest fowl – they are friendly by nature and become very tame. Their large crest obscures their vision and they can’t see what’s happening above them – making them very easy to catch. It also makes them easy prey for harriers and falcons.

Their comb is horn type and often covered by the crest.

The photograph on the right is of a nice example of the breed but his crest shows that perfecting the colouring is difficult.

Polish lay a reasonable number of white eggs and make an interesting backyard fowl and pet. They currently are hugely underrated. One reason for this is that their standard of perfection is hard to achieve but this should not keep people from keeping these delightful birds.

Polish rooster
Very nice horn type comb on a Polish rooster.
Polish pullet
Backyard quality White Polish pullet
who loved sleeping in people’s arms
like a baby while enjoying a tummy rub.
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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