Pekin Bantams

A Rare Breed of Asian Origin

Pekins at the Rare Breeds Display at the New Zealand Agricultural Show. Colours are Gold Birchen, Blue and Spangled (the rooster and one hen).

The Pekin is a very old breed and bears the (original) name of the capital city of China. It is a true bantam and comes in a rainbow of colours. Pekins make excellent pets and are probably the most popular breed kept by young poultry enthusiasts. Pekins in a number of colours (Black and White to name two) are bred to a very high standard and Black Pekins in particular have won ‘Best in Show’.

Pekins are supposed to be balls of fluff. Their profuse foot feathering makes them unsuitable for being kept in dirt runs and due to their fluffiness they are not very resistant to wet weather. They are best kept in a dry run with a roof over them and only let out to free range on fine days.

Pekins make excellent mothers and are often used to hatch all types of poultry breeds. Their laying is not noteworthy but their small cream coloured eggs are highly sought after additions to children’s lunch boxes.

Pekin chicks
Pekin chicks already show the profuse foot feathering.
Pekin cockerelt
Top quality Black Pekin cockerel.
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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