Minorca Chooks

A Rare Breed of Mediterranean Origin

Minorca hen
A Minorca cockerel with the very desirable beetle green sheen in his black plumage

Minorcas are the heaviest of the light breeds and they are indeed a large stately fowl. Theywere renowned for their extra large white eggs and there still are strains around that haven’t yet lost this trait.

Being a light breed means they can be quite flighty and won’t be contained by a 900 millimetre high fence like some heavy breeds.

As in other single combed light breeds, the male’s comb should be upright, straight and strong. A laying female’s comb should fold over without obstructing the bird’s sight. Young pullets do have a straight comb but as soon as they approach point-of-lay, the comb should start to fold over. When a hen moults, the comb often shrinks and looses its fleshiness to again brighten up and fold over when she resumes her laying duties.

With their bright white ear lobes, beetle green sheen and bright red combs, Minorcas are an attractive fowl and very suitable for free ranging.

Minorca hen
A Minorca pullet
Minorca head
Close-up of a Minorca pullet’s head: note that she can still see between the points of her lopped-over comb
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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