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Stewart Island Sheep

Hand spun, hand dyed and hand knitted fingerless mittens made from Stewart Island wool.

These badger faced sheep have a very unique ‘pre-industrial revolution’ fleece. The staple length is not uniform across the whole fleece but varies quite significantly. The fineness of the fleece with its intense crimp suggests a Merino-influenced origin.

The staple is quite short and machine carding, rather than hand carding, is recommended. It can be spun and knitted or crocheted. The result is a very warm garment with lots of loft.

However, Stewart Island wool felts beautifully. The felt is soft and bouncy and wonderful to work with.

Stewart Island Fleece
Staple from a Stewart Island Fleece.
Making felt
Layering Stewart Island rovings to make felt.
Making felt
Securing the layered rovings
with a few stitches.
Making felt
The finished felt, ready to get creative with it – maybe as soles for slippers.

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