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Raglan Sheep

Strong work socks
Strong work socks knitted from hand dyed Raglan Romney wool.

The Raglan sheep, New Zealand’s only heritage sheep breed not derived from Merinos, has a strong white fleece with just a hint of a crimp. It is suitable for a range of uses from work pullovers to socks, rugs, carpets and similar.

The staple is quite long and even, and the fleece is a pleasure to work with. There is no matting and it can be machine carded almost straight off the back of the sheep.

A Raglan Romney fleece takes dye very well. It can be felted, spun, woven, knitted and crocheted.

With fewer than 100 Raglan sheep alive, anything made from one of their fleeces will be very special and indeed unique.

Raglan wool
Close-up of a staple straight off the sheep.
Raglan wool
Raglan roving, machine carded.

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