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Huacaya Alpaca

Huacaya fibre
Jumper made from hand-spun black and white Huacaya fibre

Alpacas produce a highly sought-after soft and fine fibre with outstanding insulation properties. The fibres are hollow and some of the warmest garments can be created from them. They take dyes very well but more dye is necessary than for sheep’s wool.

Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fibre does not have lanolin or the tiny scales that give wool a prickly feel when worn directly against the skin. This makes garments made from alpaca fibre very popular with people who have sensitive skin and like to wear natural fibres.

Yarn made from Huacaya Alpaca fibre can be used to create anything that can be made from fine wool. The result will be a light and exceptionally warm garment with a ‘fluffy’ look.

Many of the more modern Huacaya Alpacas have some crimp in their fibre which gives the yarn elasticity. As alpaca fibre is comparatively rare it is often blended with wool to make it go further. Any such blend combines the elasticity of wool with the superior insulation properties and softness of Alpaca fibre.

Huacaya fibre
White Huacaya fibre. Note the slight crimp
Huacaya fibre
Scarf made from hand carded, spun and dyed Huacaya fibre.
Huacaya fibre
Hand-dyed Huacaya yarn

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