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  Summer Wine Dun Dexters –
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The Ladies’ Man

The Ladies’ Man

      The first step in the realization of our dreams of having a pure dun herd of Dexter cattle was to acquire a dun stud bull. We were very fortunate in this respect.

Paul and family

Celtic design by Howard Oliver      Supreme Champion Charming St Paul was imported  in utero from Australia in 1999 – with Australian, American, and Canadian bloodlines.   He had an extremely successful show career for his previous owners, Pat and Patsy Leek of the Charming Dexter Stud, before coming to us at the age of three years. He has been tested as negative for the troublesome chondrodysplasia gene.

Charming St Paul

      There’s no doubt at all that Charming St Paul is every inch (or should that be kilogram?) a ladies’ man. We may call it ‘our’ herd, but Paul knows it’s his.   His herd, his calves, and very definitely his women!!   We considered ourselves very lucky in our quest for a foundation dun sire for our herd when Paul was made available for us to purchase.

      Besides his ‘typiness’, Paul’s greatest asset is his wonderful temperament – a truly lovely animal to live with and own. We often lent him out to other breeders and he soon acquired a reputation for his temperament. Back at home, whenever we wanted to to do something that might upset the cows – weaning calves, Tb testing, ear-tagging etc. – Paul was a calming influence, and he kept everyone else in order.

Paul's new friend

      Go to Poem for Paul to find out what our Paul likes best!

Update: At the end of 2013 Paul moved to some new owners on the Coromandel in northern New Zealand. He had been largely responsible for the formation and on-going success of Summer Wine Dun Dexters and had also had a huge effect on other Dexter herds in Canterbury as we had lent him to many other breeders in the area, but it was time to move on. The trip up took an incredible ten days, but he arrived safe and sound.

      On the right Paul can be seen greeting one of his new harem in the Coromandel, and below is his "farewell party" at Summer Wine.

Paul's farewell


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