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Getting in Touch      

Getting in Touch      


bookIf you would like to get in touch with us to discuss Dexters – particularly Dun Dexters – send an e-mail to summerwine (at) xtra.co.nz (type out this e-mail address replacing (at) with @ ).  Or you could write to us at 170 Tuahiwi Road, R D 1, Kaiapoi 7691.

Rare Breeds Website emblem

You will find general information on Dexter cattle on the website of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand. While not actually a ‘rare’ breed, the Society lists Dexters as a ‘minority’ breed and keeps a watching brief on their numbers. Clicking on the icon at left will take you direct to their Dexter page (from which you can also access the whole of the Rare Breeds Website).

Dexter Cattle Society logo

The Dexter Cattle Society New Zealand Incorporated was formed in 1993. It administers the official Herd Book for the registration of Dexter cattle in New Zealand, and produces a quarterly magazine, Dexter Dispatch, for distribution to all members. Click on this icon for more details.

Celtic Knot Celtic or Knot

The ‘chain’ border design – and some of the other Neo-Celtic artwork (such as that at right) – we have used on this website are the work of Howard Oliver in the UK. He used to have a great website but it seems to be no longer available.

And finally, in case you missed it on the way through, a summary of the guidelines we used to produce and maintain our dun Dexters is at The Genetics of Dun, which also lists the main references we used plus some other information that has been published elsewhere.


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