Brahma Chooks

A Rare Breed of Asian and American Origin

Light Brahmas
Pair of Light Brahmas.

The majestic Brahma used to be one of the more common breeds in New Zealand but, like the Cochin, they died out. What we have now is a recreated fowl that incorporates some of the original genetics that have survived in other breeds. The pictures are of Brahmas recreated by a breeder from Matamata in the North Island in the early 2010s.

The classic colours of the Brahma are the Light Brahma and the Dark Brahma. In other breeds these colours are known as Silver Columbian and Silver Pencilled respectively.

With their size, their upright stance and eye brows these birds are impressive. The females lay very well and their temperament is very friendly and docile – on a par with the Cochin and the Orpington.

As with any newly developed breed, there still is variable quality to be expected and at present (2020) prime examples of the breed are far and few between.

Brahma Pullet
Dark Brahma Pullet.
Brahma chick
Dark Brahma chick.
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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