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A Rare Breed of South American Origin

Group of Araucanas
Group of Lavender Araucanas

The ideal Araucana should be a crested bird with ear muffs and a beard. The comb is a very important feature on the Araucana and must only be of a 'pea' type. Ideally there should be three rows of neat, small bobbling running from front to back tight to the head. The comb should be almost invisible on the female.

Araucana is a great bird to own. Fertility levels are typically high, so breeding isn’t a struggle. Chicks hatch well and grow on strongly, and Araucana hens make good and reliable broody mothers. They are very hardy with great resistance to most common poultry-related diseases. Male and female Araucanas make ideal back garden poultry if given the care and attention they deserve.

Being a light breed, the Araucana is a great flier so if their wings are not clipped a fully enclosed run is an essential requirement. They do not mix very well with heavy breeds or shavers, but regular handling will produce birds as tame and friendly as any other. These birds posses immense character and offer value that extends way beyond their distinctively attractive looks.

Araucana eggs
Beautiful blue shelled eggs laid by a purebred Araucana
Araucana head
The pea comb every Araucana should have
Thanks to Wolf Hurschler of the New Zealand Araucana Club for supplying information and photographs.

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