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Arapawa pig
Arapawa boar (Photo by Karen Nicoll)

Arapawa Pigs

Breed Standard

Feral pigs have been recorded on Arapawa Island since 1839, though their origin is not known. The following Breed Standard was compiled for the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand and is dated 15 April 2007.

TYPE: Reverted to wild type. NOTE: as domestic breeding and feeding continues, type may well change to resemble domestic type i.e. larger back end, longer back, less hair and no mane.

SIZE: Adult liveweight: boars 120-180 kg, sows 80-100 kg approx.

HEAD: Face long, snout long, ears pricked and small.

NECK AND SHOULDERS: Neck medium, shoulders wide with heavy shield in the case of boars.

BACK: Back short, level or sloping to rear.

TAIL: Long, straight and hairy.

LEGS: Legs straight, pasterns medium, with well set, even toes.

COLOUR: Combination black white red giving a sandy appearance, main colour white (black and/or red spots any size) .

SKIN: Skin thick and hard with good crop of hair and mane.

Sow to have teats to rear at least 8.
Boar to be masculine, testicles (two) as even as possible and not too large.

TEMPERAMENT: Alert but not aggressive.

Blind teats in sow.
Missfitting jaw.
Small uneven toes.

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