Andalusian Chooks

A Rare Breed of Mediterranean Origin

Andalusian hen
Andalusian pullet at the 2013 National Poultry Show hosted by the Ashburton Fanciers Society

The Blue Andalusian with its sharp lacing is an excellent layer of large white eggs. Like the Leghorn, Ancona and Minorca, it is a light breed with beautiful white ear lobes, an upright stance and good foraging ability.

Andalusians also come in Black and Splash, but the standard colour is blue with Black lacing. Most people are only aware of the Leghorn, but there are a number of equally attractive light breeds which include the Andalusian.

Light breeds are ideal for free ranging on a block of land and will find a large proportion of their food. If kept in a small pen, they are flighty when someone enters, but in a free range situation they come at feeding time and are just as pleasant to have as any heavy breed – with the advantage of laying more eggs and eating less food.

Andalusian hen
Front view of an Andalusian pullet. Her comparatively slender body shape is very obvious
Andalusian head
Close-up of the head of an Andalusian pullet. Note that she can see from underneath her comb
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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