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Meatmaster Sheep

Meatmaster Sheep


Meatmaster ewes

Following the success of this breed overseas, Willowbank Stud developed a breeding group in 2007. They were based primarily on Damara Sheep crossed with Wiltshire, and in 2009 a Dorper stud was also used to provide some additional qualities. The resulting animals have combined the best traits of all breeds, and are upstanding, vigorous, easy care animals, that are very efficient meat factories. They breed true to type, and we see a great commercial future for them.


Meatmaster ram

Meat master sheep are a breed that was developed in South Africa. Its key component is Damara genetics, and they are usually mixed with White Dorper or Wiltshire breeds to create the base flock. The result is a clean shedding hair sheep, that is hardy, easy care, and has a very meaty carcase. They are now also found in the United States and Australia, where they are highly suited to conditions over there.

In New Zealand there are a small number of breeders who have developed such flocks, and are working together to secure their future.


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